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Callaway ECLIPSE

The Callaway ECLIPSE (manufactured and supported by IZZO) offers yet another new form factor to the range available for golf GPS devices. We are struggling, however, to figure out the target market for the Callaway ECLIPSE. You can clip the device to your belt or bag, and then quickly detach it and carry it in your pocket. Um, or you could simply get a dedicated handheld or a watch and call it a day.

Callaway ECLIPSE
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If you do require this versatility, well…please leave a comment below letting us know why you like it so much. After that, head out and enjoy the 30,000+ preloaded courses, and (fixed, unfortunately) front, center and back or green distances, as well as distances to hazards and doglegs. The ECLIPSE also includes scoring features, putts and GIR tracking. It’s straightforward and may be all that many need, but the the price is on the high side for what it offers, and we think the ECLISPE is going to have tough sledding against comparatively priced dedicated handheld units as well as the increasing number of golf watches available.

Retail price: $199.99
Three year cost: $199.99
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  • Dave

    This device appealed to my wife because she finds all the gps watches too large and cumbersome for her small wrist and hand. The handhelds are too large for her to try to keep in a pocket and inconvenient to keep in one of the pouches of her golf bag. The eclipse allows her to either clip it to a belt loop or simply onto the outside of her bag where it’s quick and easy to access.