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Laser Link XL1000

What on earth?! Laser Link gets crazy with their announcement of a golf laser rangefinder that breaks with their traditional and well-known pistol shaped design. As with most laser rangefinders on the market, the XL1000 is held vertically up to the eye and can target objects other than flagsticks with reflective prisms. The XL1000 introduces magnification (6x) for the first time into the Laser Link family, and the ability to scan across multiple objects for distance readings.

Years ago Laser Link first started to see the limitations in focusing entirely on reflective flagstick prisms (their Smarty and SmartStick), and a rangefinder that can only pick up distances to these reflective prisms, the Laser Link Quick Shot. This led to their introduction of lasers that can target any feature on the golf course: the Laser Link Red Hot, Switch, and White Magic starting a few years ago. The vertically held XL1000 with internal LCD and 6x magnification is the next step in competing with the rest of the laser rangefinder market. Other XL1000 specs include a body size of 4″ x 3″ x 1.5″, a marketed weight of 7.5 ounces with battery, ability to measure in yards or meters, and a waterproof design. But will the Laser Link be able to keep up when stepping in to this new (to them) market? Stay tuned.

Retail price: $359.00
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