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Laser Link Red Hot 2

The Laser Link Red Hot 2 continues the pistol-shaped design that Laser Link is known for and provides the ability to obtain distances to any point on the golf course, unlike the more limited-use Laser Link QuickShot, which is designed to only pick up distance to flagsticks with reflective prisms. The Red Hot 2 (RH2) has a more ergonomically-friendly curved rubber handle, a red dot in the viewfinder for aiming, and the ability for distance confirmation to provide sound, be silent, or vibrate when locked on to a target.

The Red Hot 2 improves on the prior Red Hot with targeting to increased range to 1000 yards, a lighter weight of 6.4 ounces, smaller size (5.375″ x 2″ x 3.125″), and claimed improved optics and electronics for faster and more accurate measurements (to +/- 1 yard). The device uses one 9-volt alkaline battery, and is only available in the grey body with red grip.

While the RH2 is available at a much more attractive (and realistic) price point than the prior generation offering, the downside and biggest difference from the competition remains the lack of any magnification in the viewfinder. And well, we have grown used to the binocular-style rangefinders with 6x magnification.

Retail price: $249
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