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CartTek GRX-950Li

Has the weight of electric golf carts been a dealbreaker to purchasing? With lithium ion batteries now available for carts, it may be time to reconsider. Based on their best selling GRX-900, CartTek has introduced their first lithium ion battery powered cart, the GRX-950Li. The GRX-950Li offers a significantly lighter battery (just 3 pounds, vs 18 pounds for the GRX-900), which makes life quite a bit easier for someone who will be lifting the cart regularly to store or transport. The GRX-950Li other improvements include a more efficient 24 volt electric system to provide longer battery life (up through 27 holes), a new ergonomic handle and power button, and the option to purchase a padded seat to attach to the frame to let you take a load off during play. There is a variable speed dial to match your walking pace, and a distance time to send the cart on ahead of you. The wheels can be set to “freewheel” mode in case of loss of power (or when catching a ride on someone else’s driving cart).

CartTek GRX-950Li

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The chassis is available in black or silver, weighs 24 pounds, and when folded (including removing the quick release wheels) the CartTek GRX-950Li collapses to 12″ x 29″ x 12″, making for quite a small package – one that CartTek claims is the smallest and lighted folding electric golf caddy available. The frame and battery carry a 2-year warranty (up from 1 year for the GRX-900).

Retail price: $849
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