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Swing by Swing

Swing by Swing





Swing by Swing is a solid free rangefinder with satellite images. Better yet, it’s one of the few free apps with a user interface that doesn’t make us cringe. A tap on the screen brings up the distance to the selected point and, if you are greater than 50 yards out, the distance from that point to the center of the green. Total hole distance and par is always displayed. Swing by Swing will auto-advance between holes, and users can start or jump to any hole they like – there is even golf trivia for you to read while the satellite images load.

Unfortunately, users can’t zoom in on a selected area nor can they pan around the hole, and the free version of Swing by Swing doesn’t have a scorecard or statistics tracking (those features can be purchased for an additional fee). Yes, you could use this app for free GPS and satellite images, and then use another free app for scoring, but we are simply too lazy to hop between two when one can do the job.

Price: Free for GPS use, an additional $11.99 for scorecard functionality

Download Swing by Swing from iTunes

Version: 0.9.36

  • Ghoppe47

    Have tried this system but have found it to be inaccurate in distance measurement compared with a sure shot GPS

  • Damon

    We started, in the beginning, when I downloaded a ‘free’ gps golf tracker app for the hell of it.

    I upgraded to the scorecard and statistics, not long after, and I was very happy for what I got for my money. Great stats and easy scorecard.

    But this whole club tracker and newer SBS has blown my mind. The ability to overlay each rounds’ shots has given me insight that I would never think of whilst playing. (i.e. always trying to shortcut a particular dogleg, EVERYTIME, 🙂 )

    I love this app that much, that I’ve gone out and purchased an “”iphone’ portable charger; to keep my battery tip top when on the course.

    Dead accurate! 

  • The Toadster

    Played several rounds side by side a laser range finder and have never missed a yardage to green pat hazards, water etc.  Love the scorecard and am seriously considering the upgrade for 3D and club tracking.  Does not get much better than this app even if only used as a free range determiner.

  • theshawn

    Yep, good app that deserves better than C- imo. What the heck do people expect for free? Bunch of entitled whiners. The one time upgrade price is totally worth it too. Not sure what they’re talking about, you can zoom and pan around just fine with this newer version.

  • Alastair Lack

    I think I’ve tried most of the apps out there – and this is the best.

  • Jbaca16

    how can i get this to work with my apple watch? there are no instructions or tutorials.