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Snooper Shotsaver S430

Readers have inquired about the Snooper Shotsaver line of products, so we are including a brief overview. Please note that as Shotsaver products have an extremely limited number of courses available within the U.S. and are manufactured and distributed within Europe, we are not offering a full review at this time.

The Snooper Shotsaver S430 features a 3.5″ color LCD, with distance readings and hole information in large format. Distances are available to the front, middle and back of the green, as well as to other targets such as bunkers, trees and water hazards. As with SkyCaddie devices, Shotsaver plots all courses on foot (!) to ensure maximum accuracy. In addition to distance information, the Shotsaver S430 can also record distance measurements for each club and save this information, and has a scorecard for up to four players.

The Shotsaver S430 comes with over 4,500 preloaded courses in Europe, with capacity to store up to 20,000 courses. The S430 is waterproof and comes with a changeable, rechargeable battery that Snooper claims to provide up to 14 hours of battery life.

At £250 retail but lacking any per course or yearly fees, the Shotsaver S430 is competitively priced with the latest full-featured golf GPS devices with large color touchscreen displays. The Shotsaver only supports PCs.

Retail price: £249.99

The Shotsaver S430 is available directly from Snooper.

Since we won’t have a chance to review the Shotsaver S430 unless we head to Europe to play, if you have had the opportunity to use the S430, please comment and let us know what you think!

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  • Jimohara274

    this is a fairly robust unit especially compared with its predecessor the S320. There is a lot to like about it but a few notable downsides all associated with the fact that it isn’t designed as a hand held unit and is best utilised as a trolley mounted unit. Snooper obviously won’t disadvantage themselves in the marketplace by saying so but a) it’s a bit too large to fit comfortably in the pocket. b) the screen can’t be locked meaning that quite often when you take it out of your pocket the screen has “moved on or back” c) there is no effective method of securing it to your bag/belt. By all means have a look if you use a trolly etc but if you carry then look elsewhere

    • Gary

      Hi Nelly, Had my S430 Tour Pro for Christmas too. Couldn’t wait to take it out and did so on Sat 5.1.13. Mine froze on the 1st fairway and I couldn’t get the optional trolley-mount back off, to remove the battery, as I had screwed it on for additional safety.
      Rang Snooper direct this morning and was put through to product support and spoke to Ed who was very helpful. Upshot was that he said earlier software versions were more prone to freeze and mine is an earlier version for some reason. (version 1.1 as opposed to 3.1). Anyway, a free postage paid return bag is being sent to me so that I can send the device in for a free upgrade, with an expected 24 hr turnaround. So no complaints for follow up service if this goes to plan.
      I then rang the online retailer I purchased from and they were surprised as a) they turn stock quickly so it should have been bang up to date (could be a stock rotation issue) and b) that I needed to send mine back for a factory upgrade as they thought I could do it online.
      I actually wonder whether that online facility exists but might be down at the moment, It wasn’t referred to by Snooper. So my advice is if you have problems to ring Snooper themselves and I got through straight away, now that they’re back after the Christmas and New Year Holidays. Fingers crossed it will work fine after the upgrade. Gary

  • Alan

     shotsaver s430 nice solid feeling peice of kit. readable for old eyes and sunlight.the touch screen can be irritatingly unresponsive as can the customer support when requesting course mapping.trolley bracket has weak point and broke the first time I tried it.Think I could have done better.

  • nelly

    A christmas present from my Mrs it looks nice but that is all i can say at the moment.
    Screen went blank and froze when trying it out after charging.
    Downloading a pain espcially when not pc literate
    manual as much use a chocolate tea pot especially with fault finding
    Screen freezes either in a blank mode or on home screen
    Went to use it on the course screen froze again on 8th hole
    contacted snooper by phone waste of time press 3 for technical back up all you get is a message with the e-mail address.No mention of you need a pen paper to make notes took three phone calls to get the details as it cuts of no way to press a button for recall.
    Still waiting to here from them for my first e-mail about to send another over the screen freezing and moan about lack of help
    At the moment a big fat 0 from 10
    see if snooper can redeem themselves.

    • Ugh! Keep us posted to see if you are able to get things sorted out-

  • Don, Ireland

    Tourpro, nice piece of kit ok when it is not freezing, and I dont mean the weather. Bought in October, was sent back to snooper at xmas for software update, and has frozen again early March. I’m told it might be course data corruption. It is very short on courses here in Ireland. Three I have played in last month are not on it. I like what I see when it works but Snooper must step up to the mark and sort out these issues. Next move for me will be looking for a refund if it is not sorted.

  • Alan

    I Bought an S430 in January 2013, the screen froze regularly so I contacted Snooper tech support who sent a reply paid bag to return it. I did and it came back with “new software”, same problem same solution, now I have it for the third time, now it freezes without going past the opening screen – AVOID it!!!!

  • nick

    another problem with freezing,phone call to pp,post bag sent to me 430 returned for software v1.3.3 upgrade returned by fed ex post .Everything fine when opened, fast responce through on screen menu”s Then used on course for first time,turned on no course downloaded .Trying to now download my on course [thats still not mapped properly] about to give up with it and seek a refund.