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SkyCaddie VOICE

SkyCaddie VOICE

Not wanting to be left out of the voice trend in golf GPS units, SkyCaddie in January 2013 announced their first golf GPS unit that provides distances by voice, the appropriately named SkyCaddie VOICE. The company marketed the VOICE as providing distances at the push of a button to front, center and back of green, and lacking any screen. At the time of announcement the retail price was slated to be a bit lower than the competing GolfBuddy Voice, which additionally provides a small screen with green image, though SkyCaddie annual fees ($49.95 for 3 years of course updates) would likely increase the three year total cost by a bit.

But…that was January 2013. And though company representatives say the device is “in testing” still in 2014, we are chalking this one up to vaporware until proven otherwise.

Retail price: $149.95
Three year total cost: $199.90
Availability: Um….never?