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GolfBuddy Voice+ Watch

The GolfBuddy Voice+ is a slight iteration to the GolfBuddy Voice, incorporating a wristband (not required, the Voice+ can be detached from the band and used clipped to a belt), longer battery life and front and back distances within the main hole view. As with the GolfBuddy Voice, the Voice+ doesn’t provide distances to hazards, nor will it track scores. For those features you’ll need the current top-of-the-line watch from GolfBuddy, the GolfBuddy VT3.

GolfBuddy Voice+ Golf GPS Device
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The nicest improvement with the Voice+ compared to the GolfBuddy Voice, aside from the improved form factor as a watch, is presenting the center distance along with near and far distances on the main screen. In the original Voice, players needed to cycle through screens if they want to see the near and far green points. Voice information is available at a push of a button, the device can provide a basic image of the green that will rotate based on player position along with distances, or a green-only view (users can also select from multiple greens on courses where necessary), and players can measure shot distances. There are all the customary features, including setting language, distance units, volume control, and ability to mute the device.

GolfBuddy Voice+ Golf GPS Device
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For those who would prefer to wear the Voice+ off the wristband and clipped to a belt, there is also the ability to “flip” the screen 180 degrees, so uses can read the information more easily when looking down at the Voice+ clipped to their belt. This ability, combined with voice prompts all seems a bit much to us (unless players are visually impaired and don’t have the ability to read the screen). For most players, using the Voice+ in its watch form only seems much easier than either pressing a button to receive distance readings by voice, or looking down to your belt and twisting the device up to get readings.

Retail price: $179.99
Three year total cost: $179.99
Availability: Replaced by the GolfBuddy VT3
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