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Expresso AG50

Expresso Satellite Navigation (ESN) has introduced the successor to the AG1, the AG50. The device features a 50-satellite receiver (thus the model name), and a 3.75″ color display. It comes with over 25,000 courses loaded onto the device, providing distances to the front, center and back of the green, along with pre-mapped target information. With a paid membership via iGolf.com (the same company that provides data for Bushnell XGC/XGC+ golf GPS devices), players will have access to full hole images and the ability to determine distances to any point on the course. Memberships are $34.99 per 50 courses per year.

The AG50 also can measure shot distances, keep scores and track statistics.

As with the AG1, the AG50 isn’t just a golf GPS device. It is equally a car navigation device, and includes text-to-speed, route planning, day/night modes, and points of interest. Automotive mapping data is provided by NAVTEQ, a name that will be known to many. And it doesn’t stop there – users can also listen to music, watch videos, and view photos. With its smorgasbord of offerings, it is a member of a unique category of golf GPS devices.

Retail price: $199.95
Three year total cost: $304.92
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  • kerryn

    i have an expresso ag50 and would like the world to know a problem. I tried to close the screen (fairly gently) but the cup holder bits were still out. As soon as these spots touched the screen cracked – I think a design fault? anyway about $100 to fix Kerryn Keys Australia


    I haven’t had too much luck with the Expresso line of driving/ golf GPS, I’ve owned 2 Ag1’s and an Ag50. They have all,,one by one burned out, I love them when they work, but, I seem to have bad luck with them. Expresso, even sent me a replacement AG1,,,it lasted about 2 months. I am not rough on them, but mine seemed to crash. When they work,I absolutely love them, when they don’t, it’s a real BB. Automotive feature is a real winner,with TTY feature naming the streets. Downside,,,they burn out, mine did,,,,and the on off button is in a real unusual spot, so, it sometimes turns off and on,,,,mostly on,,,,,,in my pocket, running the battery down,,,,,,, Love. Hate.