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CartTek GRX-900

The CartTek GRX-900 is one of Cart-Tek’s entry level electric golf push carts, though still captures all the components that most players will need, including scorecard, ball, drink and umbrella holders. The GRX-900 has one 180-watt motor (what we consider as the minimum power level), allowing it to climb 30 degree inclines, and variable speed settings. The cart also has an on/off button with memory to retain settings and a distance timer to send the cart ahead of you.

The weight is 39 pounds with battery, and folds to 23.75 x 37 x 12.5″ (further disassembly can get it to even smaller size for the optional carry (!) bag). The battery is rated to 20Ah, which you can assume will get you through 18 holes (though if you go more and the battery quits, the wheels can be set to “freewheel” mode). Players have the choice of a gloss or metallic black color, and the CartTek comes with a one-year warranty.

Retail price: $499
Availability: Discontinued. Replaced by the CartTek GRX-950Li.