Critical Golf: Unbiased Golf Equipment Reviews

How We Test

For each category we review and rank golf equipment according to a number of different factors. If you are looking for the information on whether the GPS device you are considering has your golf course available, which is the cheapest laser rangefinder, or how many pockets are in that golf carry bag, read on….

Golf GPS Devices

Our detailed How We Test Golf GPS devices section allows Critical Golf visitors to explore a number of different details, including: ease of set-up, course availability analysis (even broken down to the detail of different golf courses we tested), ease of use, course detail and mapping, features, accuracy and a summary of Golf GPS Device prices.

Laser Rangefinders

Dig into How We Test Laser Rangefinders and Laser Rangefinders with Slope to learn about their accuracy, ease of use, features, ease of obtaining distance readings, and summary of laser rangefinder prices.

Carry Bags

If you are looking into new carry bags, you’ll want to take a look at our Carry Bag How We Test section, which includes information on the number of club storage sectors, functional pockets, and weight.

Push Carts

Looking to take a load off of your shoulders and save some energy for those final holes? Check out How We Test Golf Push Carts, where we outline the criteria for selecting the right cart for you.

Travel Bags

Protect your loved ones! Soft case or hard shell, whatever your preference, we cover it in our How We Test section for golf travel bags. Our reviews include analysis of design and construction, travel impressions, and overall value.

iPhone Golf GPS Apps

Following along the lines of dedicated GPS Devices, our How We Test iPhone Golf GPS Apps includes detailed information regarding manufacturer claims of courses available, our course coverage analysis, and a summary of application and yearly costs for each Golf GPS App.

iPhone Battery Packs

One of the gripes about iPhones centers around the its battery life. In that vain, our tests of How We Test iPhone Battery Packs includes Usage and Recharge Tests.

Performance/Fitting Centers

All players can benefit from being properly fit for their set of clubs, but just what are the key features of a club fitting session to keep in mind when making your selection?

Electric Golf Carts

If you really want to conserve your strength, you simply can’t beat having a powered cart that will do all the carrying for you. Go ahead, load it up with extra snacks at the turn! Here are criteria to consider when selecting an electric cart.

Putting Training Aids

So many late-night infomercials for the latest and greatest teaching aids. All well and good, but when making a selection (we all can gain from practice) you may wish to check out How We Test Golf Putting Aids to see how we compare the devices for their teaching value, fun provided (it better keep my interest!), and construction.