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iPhone Battery Packs: The Perfect Companion

iPhone Battery Packs: The Perfect Companion

So you’ve learned to live with AT&T service. But you haven’t learned to live with the short battery life of your iPhone. Well, neither have we. Since the iPhone battery hasn’t evolved to the point of being able to keep up with our needs during the day, we purchased a handful of iPhone battery packs and gave them a thorough testing. We don’t know what a mAh is, nor do we want to. All we wanted to know was which is the best.

iPhone battery packs come in a variety of flavors – different colors, shapes, and material (leatherette, anyone?). Most packs will recharge the internal battery on the iPhone, though not all. And surprisingly, we experienced some packs with bugs, and one that completely broke down on us. While all devices extended battery life enough to get through a round using a golf GPS app, the crack Critical Golf review squad gave top honors to the Mophie Juice Pack Air, which led the our overall rankings based on form factor and performance. Second place went to the MiLi Power Pack, which has the largest capacity of battery packs tested and was always able to completely recharge a drained iPhone.

Is it worth the investment in a battery pack so you can play a full round with your GPS app, respond to those nagging work emails while on the course (no calls, please!), and ring your spouse on the way home? You bet it is.