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SkyCaddie SkyPro

The SkyCaddie SkyPro swing analysis and training tool looks to take on the likes of Swingbyte, 3BaysGSA, and others. The SkyPro connects via Bluetooth to your iPhone (the SkyPro iPhone app is free) to provide 3D graphics of your swing, along with data on your clubhead speed, swing path, club rotation, face angle, swing plane, impact position, tempo and more. Features that sound intriguing include the ability to compare two swings, built-in alerts to help identify swing faults, and drills. We so hope that SkyCaddie has done a good job with the user interface (better than with their ClubSG portal). Just remember: as with any of these mobile swing tools, if you are expecting a TrackMan, please keep your expectations in check. Stay tuned for our detailed review.

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10 Best Golf Television Ads

Well, if there have to be commercials during coverage, they might as well be entertaining right? Below are our Top 10. Agree? Disagree? Let us know!
You just can’t dispute the Shankopotomis though, can you?

Crowne Plaza: Looking like Phil Mickelson
I wish I looked like Phil too..

eTrade: From the 2009 Super Bowl…Shankopotomis
This one never ceases to amuse me.

ESPN: Arnold Palmer
Awesome indeed.

FedEx: Baby Monitor
Monitoring what is precious…

FedEx: Mr.Delaney is out sick
What happens when the boss is out sick.

FedEx: “My daughter is sick”
Sick daughter? No worries, your boss with understand.

Nike: Tiger Woods is back
Sunshine and lollipops.

Nike: Tiger Woods bouncing a golf ball
I wonder just how much time you have to spend playing to be able to do this.

Ping: G10 driver – guy turning pro
“What about your job? 401K? Mortgage? Collage?
“Exactly. One good year and that’s all taken care of.”

USGA ad: Hole in one
Had to include a feel-good ad (good stuff, USGA)